Saturday, August 25, 2012

Abolitionists Exposed in Asheville

In the Asheville (NC) Mountain XPress, Lara Terstenjak berates the Asheville City Council for not supporting her "Go Topless" movement for women, and somehow ties the City Council's decision to North Carolina's support for the Confederacy:
North Carolina contributed more soldiers (with gun rights) to the Confederate cause than any other state. I hope you do not continue to make the same relative mistake regarding women's rights.
Mistake? Gun rights? While reasonable minds may differ on the issue of topless women, surely Ms. Terstenjak understands that it was the Confederacy that fought to uphold a woman's right to ... to ... Well, what exactly does the Confederacy have to do with public nudity? Ms. Terstenjak says:
City Council members, your North Carolina predecessors voted to keep slavery. What could be more immoral than the buying and selling of human beings? Yet in 2012 you oppose women being topless on moral grounds.
Of course - it's all about slavery. The Confederacy was all about slavery. The Asheville City Council is enslaving women, not by requiring them to cover their breasts, but by encouraging others not to look!

We suspect Ms. Terstenjak will ultimately learn the hard way that there is no constitutional right to public nudity. At that time, we can suggest some appropriate attire for her exhibitionism.

Until then, if you'd like to educate Ms. Terstenjak, please respond with a letter to the editor at PO Box 144, Asheville NC 28802, via fax to (828) 251-1311, or via email to

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