Monday, February 1, 2010

That Bastard Lincoln

North Carolinians have long held that Abraham Lincoln was a bastard, but now even the News & Observer is publicizing that argument.

Folks in Bostic NC claim that Lincoln was born nearby (on Lincoln Hill!) the illegitimate son of Abraham Enloe. Nancy Hanks, the future President's mother, was a servant girl in Enloe's house when she became pregnant and was banished from the Enloe home. She later married Thomas Lincoln, who adopted her infant son Abraham.

We see no reason to wait for DNA testing -- North Carolina should go ahead and stake its claim by adding the original Log Cabin Republican to its "Three Presidents" statue in front of the State Capitol, alongside his vice-president Andrew Johnson. We have a long history of ignoring "official" birthplaces. The monument's centerpiece -- Andy Jackson -- long claimed that he was actually born in South Carolina.

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